495SKSP Strobe and Horn with 4 tones 495SKSP
Strobe and Horn with 4 tones

495SKSP Strobe and Horn with 4 tones 495SKSP

Part Number: 495SKSP
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Strobe Light with electronic horn mounted to a non-metallic surface mount enclosure--we combine our KSP Electronic horn and the MicroStrobe (see these products for individual specifications) with an enclosure to bring you this great value in an audio/visual alarm signal. Horn can produce 4 tones, which are switched with a normally open contact via the unit's terminal block wiring connection, or a single tone can be wired as the default tone. Tones are: "SB" ambulance, police, telephone, melody--"TB" Fast, Slow, High, and Low Pulsing Alarm. Db level is 95dB at 3 feet, and the device has a full volume control. Overall height is 10 inches x 4 5/8" deep x 5 inches wide. Heavy duty ABS enclosure with mounting feet. Strobe has fresnel optic lens, which provides a uniform 360 degree light pattern, 1.75 joule energy flash. Strobe produces 60-80 flashes per minute. The Strobe and Horn have independent power inputs so they may be controlled separately if desired. Impact resistant polycarbonate lens and base, PVC enclosure allows flat surface mounting, 120 VAC, or optional 12/24 Vdc version. You may also choose the KSP with the enclosure, but without the strobe light--select the appropriate option.

A great combination audible and visual signal!

  • Voltage available: 120 VAC or 12/24 VDC version 
  • Operating Current: .120mA @120Vac
  • Temperature Range: -35C to 66C
  • Flash Rate/ Minute: 60-80
  • Candlepower Peak: 1.75 joule energy flash (50 ECP)
  • Listings: U.L. Strobe only
  • Mounting:1/2"" Surface mount
  • Flash tube life: Several thousand hours, and is replaceable
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Dome Guard: None
  • Audible Output: 0 to 95dBA @ 3' with internal volume control

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