500L LED Steady On and Flashing 500L
LED Steady On and Flashing in One

500L LED Steady On and Flashing 500L

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The 500L is generally referred to as a Campus Blue Light, or Call Box Light, or Telephone Wall Box light. This unique signal light is capable of steady burning when power is applied to it (12-24 Volts AC or 12-24 Volts DC operation), and when that power is also switched to its third input wire, the light begins to flash at one of 21 different rates of flash. This operation is common for applications that need to have a "steady on" light for identification of a safe point, or emergency call box location, and then also have the capability of providing a flashing light when the phone ( in the case of an emergency call box) is being utilized during an emergency--this allows security personnel to help identify the location of the call box in use, etc. Other applications are limited only by the imagination....

The 500L design takes full advantage of LED lighting technology to eliminate maintenance, and reduce power consumption in these emergency system applications. The 500L features an integral inverted cone design to provide full 360 degree coverage with a very low profile. The LED illumination design allows more of the LED light to be projected out than do conventional fixtures.

Manufactured to NEMA 4X specifications. It is available in six colors (amber, blue, green, red, purple, and clear--select above-all units us a white light LED.
The 500L is highly energy efficient, and the solid state design will operate efficiently for many years.
The 500L is guaranteed against factory defects for a full 5 years.

Unique LED light for indoor or outdoor applications--GREAT Price, and 5 year warranty!

  • Voltage available: 12-24VDC
  • Current: See table below
  • Temperature Range: -40C to 65C
  • Mounting: Surface/Flange mount and 1/2" NPT pipe mount internal hub.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use--NEMA 4X
  • Flashes Per Minute: see table below
  • Agency Listing: Not Applicable


Dimensions: Height: 5.25", Diameter: 5.50".


Steady State Mode
324 mA @ 10 Vdc
273 mA @ 12 Vdc
144 mA @ 24 Vdc
125 mA @ 28 Vdc

Flashing Mode:

Max (mA)        Min (mA)      Ave (mA)      Voltage
          772                    2               189         10 Vdc
          552                    2               133         12 Vdc
          272                    3                 68          24 Vdc
          239                    3                 61          28 Vdc

Single white LED with a total luminous output of 347 lm

Red + Vdc System on,Steady State
Black C Vdc Ground
White + Vdc Flashing

To activate the unit in the PRIMARY - STEADY BURN MODE, connect the BLACK
wire to -Vdc and connect the RED wire to +Vdc . When in PRIMARY - STEADY BURN
MODE, to change the unit to the SECONDARY - FLASH MODE,
connect the white wire to +Vdc.


1) Remove power from unit.
2) Connect the White wire and Red wire together.
3) Restore power to the unit and wait approximately 3 seconds until the unit
    flashes 3 times. Remove the white wire only from +Vdc, the unit will alternately
    demonstrate the Secondary - Flash Mode and Primary - Steady burn Mode that will
     be displayed during operation. The Secondary \ Flash Mode, followed by the
     Primary - Steady burn Mode will be alternately demonstrated for approximately 4
     seconds each. To select the next mode of operation, tap the white wire to +Vdc.
     The unit will cycle to the next mode in the list below.
4) When you reach the desired mode of operation, remove power from the unit.
When power is reapplied the unit will operate as last programmed.

Mode #        Steadyburn Mode                 Secondary - Flash Mode
         1 (Factory Setting)    High                       Single 60 FPM
         2                              OFF                       Single 60 FPM
         3                              Low                       Single 60 FPM
         4                              High                       Single 150 FPM
         5                             OFF                        Single 150 FPM
         6                              Low                       Single 150 FPM
         7                              High                       Single 375 FPM
         8                             OFF                       Single 375 FPM
         9                              Low                      Single 375 FPM
       10                              High                      Neobe 75 FPM
       11                              OFF                     Neobe 75 FPM
       12                              Low                     Neobe 75 FPM
       13                              High                     Neobe 150 FPM
       14                              OFF                     Neobe 150 FPM
       15                              Low                     Neobe 150 FPM
       16                              High                     Double 125 FPM
       17                              OFF                    Double 125 FPM
       18                              Low                     Double 125 FPM
       19                              High                     Double 250 FPM
       20                              OFF                     Double 250 FPM
       21                              Low                      Double 250 FPM

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