Andon Light and Horn with Switches and Timer
PREFMT4 with Timer

Andon Light and Horn with Switches and Timer

Part Number: PREFMT4timer
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The PREFMT4 with Timer is another example of our abilty to assemble custom signaling solutions for your lean manufacturing applications. The PREFMT4 with timer combines our standard PREF LED andon light with the audible capability of the MT4 electronic horn (as assembled the horn is triggered by the red light). The PREF is a 56mm LED light that can be provided in up to a 5 color stack, as shown this unit includes 2 color LED lights (red/green). The PREF is then attached to a back box with a MT4 horn mounted to the face. The MT4 horn produces 1 of 8 available tones (selected through an internal dip switch), and has a low and full output internal switch for volume control. The integral switching shown here with a simple 10' cable connection, is assembled to control the number of LED lights of the PREF, and allows for switching of a single horn sound with any or all of the PREF colors. In addition, this model incorporates an accumulating timer with 4 digits (minutes or seconds). This timer can be tied to the red LED light for instance and time the duration the red light is on before a technician response and reset (as an example). We have offered a number of configurations here that have been a standard for many of our customers, but if you have need for a modification not addressed here, please contact us for a quote. Additional information on the PREF and the MT4 horn can be found here on our site using the search button, or viewing information under the andon category, and the Horn Category for the MT4.

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