Back Up Bell 6 inch BKA
Back Up Mechanical Bell

Back Up Bell 6 inch BKA

Part Number: BKA
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Mechanical Backup Alarm Bell, No voltage or power required. Mounts on a wheel hub and has 2 internal hammers that rotate around as the vehicle wheel turns to provide the bell ring when backing the vehicle (either version can be used for forward motion sound as opposed to backing sound), volume 86Db at 1 foot. 6" diameter BKA (has a 7.25" diameter mounting plate), or choose 8" diameter version CVA, with 4 internal hammers sounding as the wheel turns (8" diameter mounting plate). The BKA is intended for small to medium size vehicles--no mounting hardware is included due to the wide range of mounting configurations. The CVA version is ideal for larger wheel hubs and includes mounting hardware for adapting to various hub sizes. See the Instructions link for specifics about each model (BKA and CVA) including the optional CVAUMP

Both are ideal for applications where vehicle power is unavailable, or when switches are difficult to install.

  • Voltage available: None required
  • Current: not applicable
  • Temperature Range: not available
  • Mounting: surface mount to wheel face/hub
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

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