CDTXL Countdown Timer with Strobe CDTXL
Countdown Timer with Strobe 100' Viewable

CDTXL Countdown Timer with Strobe CDTXL

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The CDTXL is a larger version of the CDT countdown timer. This larger timer control can count down from a preset (internally) time for use with signaling devices, like the strobe light incorporated into this model. The CDTXL allows the time period to be adjusted internally only. Operation for this configuration: a customer specified time is programmed for this 4 digit display, and once the time is counted down, the internal contact triggers the attached strobe light, which continues to flash until the local reset is pressed--restarting the process, or the power on/off button is turned to off. Standard programming is as a countdown timer, that reaches "zero", and closes the contact that can be used to switch a signaling device--in this case the strobe light (other signaling devices can be controlled instead of the strobe--like a pre-recorded message device, or other audible signal (like the optional horn listed below)--with or without a visual signal--please contact us to discuss options). 120 Volt AC power cord of 6 foot length is included. Custom versions are available, and may be added to signaling assemblies on our site--please inquire. Large characters allow for 100 plus feet of viewing. Wall mountable within reach for local reset and on/off switch activation. An Optional 10 foot cable with reset switch can be installed if desired--select below. Enclosure dimensions are 12.250" in length across x 7" in height (not including the strobe)x 3.250" deep.

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