Horn Siren Multi Tone with Optional 4 input and 4 output  1000-120
Multi Tone Electronic Horn / Siren

Horn Siren Multi Tone with Optional 4 input and 4 output 1000-120

Part Number: 1000-120
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This Multi-Tone Electronic Horn/Siren alarm signal offers a choice of 9 tones to choose from. The Model 1000 will play that 1 selected tone when operating power is applied by a user supplied switch. You may also choose the Optional remote switch cable, which gives you the ability to be able to switch between 4 alerting sounds (4 input/4 output): Horn, Yelp, Wail Siren, Two Tone Alternating--with built-in priority--This is like having 4 audible signals for the price of 1. 112dB @ 10' with full volume control using an internal adjustment wheel, FEATURES: Surface mount, weatherproof (NEMA 4) Gray ABS enclosure (to be drilled by installer), 120VAC (which also allows for 240 VAC operation), Or Optional 12/24 Volt DC version--select below. Switch between four sounds through external dry contact closure (user supplied) inputs to the Model 1000-120 (select the optional cable below RJ45-6). This Model 1000 is a high output audible signal, which requires a 40 watt speaker, a spun aluminum speaker (pictured above) option is available--choose below when ordering, or a marine grade economical plastic speaker (pictured) is also available--select below. Either speaker option can be mounted to the Model 1000 housing, or remotely located by extending the speaker wire (up to 100 feet away)--offering the greatest flexibility.

  • Voltage available: 120VAC (0.5A)--240 Vac capable, or optional 12/24 Vdc (700mA)
  • Temperature Range: -67F to +185F
  • Listings: none
  • Mounting >: surface mount
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use NEMA 4
  • Audible Output: 112dB @10' with volume control
Enclosure Dimensions: 11" H x 7.5" W x 5.25" D, Aluminum speaker option (model 1001) is 10" H x 10" W x 10.5" D, and the marine grade plastic version is 6.5" W x 11" H x 8.5" D.

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Air-Horn -

Beep -

Hi-Lo -

Stutter -

Wail -

Whoop -

Yelp -

Yeow -


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