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Horn Speaker Amplifier DB3B
Sounder Speaker Amplifier

Horn Speaker Amplifier DB3B

Part Number: DB3BULG110N2CNR
Your Price: $1,005.00


This Electronic Speaker Amplifier that generates alarm tones like horns, sirens, etc. is constructed of GRP (Glass reinforced polyester), explosion proof electronic horn intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, has been designed with high ingress protection to cope with the harsh environmental conditions found offshore and onshore in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. The flame paths, flare and the body, are manufactured completely from a UV stable glass reinforced polyester. Stainless steel screws and sinter are incorporated thus ensuring a corrosion free product. A tapered flame path is used to overcome the problems of assembly ofparallel spigot flame paths. UL listed – Class 1, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C & D.,Class 1, Zones 1 & 2, AExd IIC T4., CENELEC/ATEX approved. NEMA 4X & 6, IP66 & 67.,Certified temperature–20C to 55C., All GRP corrosion free. Up to 118dBA output at 1 meter. Integral volume control, choose 1 of 27 user selectable tones--(internal "dip" switch), (Horn/Strobe Combination Unit available-please inquire). 120VAC.

No additional tone cards required, corrosion-free GRP, volume adjustable--none better--most rugged device on the market!

  • Voltage available: 120VAC 
  • Operating Current: .124A
  • Temperature Range: -20C to 55C
  • Audible Rating: 118dBA @ 1 meter (adjustable)
  • Mounting: flat surface bracket
  • IP66 and IP67
  • Listings: U.L., ATEX, GOST
  • Tones: Choose 1 of 27 available

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DB3-tone1 -

DB3-tone10 -

DB3-tone11 -

DB3-tone12 -

DB3-tone13 -

DB3-tone14 -

DB3-tone15 -

DB3-tone16 -

DB3-tone17 -

DB3-tone18 -

DB3-tone19 -

DB3-tone2 -

DB3-tone20 -

DB3-tone21 -

DB3-tone22 -

DB3-tone23 -

DB3-tone24 -

DB3-tone25 -

DB3-tone26 -

DB3-tone27 -

DB3-tone3 -

DB3-tone4 -

DB3-tone5 -

DB3-tone6 -

DB3-tone7 -

DB3-tone8 -

DB3-tone9 -


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