KSP Multi Tone Panel Mount Alarm
Multi Tone Panel Mount Alarm

KSP Multi Tone Panel Mount Alarm

Part Number: KSP-41
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Multiple tone panel mount alarm, 80mm square, adjustable internal volume from 0 to 95 dB sound level at 3 feet, Provides 4 different sounds in one unit-can be wired to switch between any of the 4 sounds as required, Low current consumption, Simple connection for contact or transistor inputs, IP54 rated. 90-240 Volts AC or Optional 12-24 Volts DC (select above). Tones are: "SB" ambulance, police, telephone, melody--"TB" Fast, Slow, High, and Low--Pulsing Alarm Sounds.

4 tones from 1 device, with adjustable volume, in a compact package!

  • Voltage available: 90 to 240 VAC or optional 12-24 VDC 
  • Operating Current: 5 Watts
  • Temperature Range: Not Available
  • Audible Rating: Max 95dB @ 1 meter (adjustable)
  • Mounting: 62mm panel mount
  • IP20
  • Tones: 4 selectable

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