LED Andon with Switches and AC Cord 1 Color PREF
LED Andon Tower Assembly with Switches and AC Cord 1 Color

LED Andon with Switches and AC Cord 1 Color PREF

Part Number: PRE-F-110-1-Custom
Your Price: $175.77


This custom assembled LED andon tower light model is a 1 color LED Tower Light (optionally it can have up to 5 colored lights and we offer those assemblies on our store--see related products below)), comprised of the PRE-F 56mm (2 1/4") diameter LED light tower. The version shown is approximately 16 1/2" tall and 3" wide (excluding AC power cord), and is capable of either having the light continuously burning, or flash when turned ON. This model is pre-wired for the light color to flash when turned on--note steady burning if required when ordering, but this can be easily modified in the field. This item has a 240mm (10") pole separating the switch enclosure and the light itself, the right angle bracket at the back of the switch enclosure allows for vertical surface mounting of the assembly. High Brightness LEDs for the colored modules are standard. The switch enclosure has a pre-wired switch, and includes a 6 foot long 120 Volt AC power cord. LEDs are resistant to vibration and have long life when compared to incandescent bulbs--reducing maintenance costs. Lenses are heat and shock resistant polycarbonate resin, Prism-cut lens design provides superior light diffusion, Continuous and flashing (80FPM) function (wired as noted above). IP20 rated (Dust resistant), CE compliant, Select a single color for this model above. This unit operates on 120vac, approx 30mA per LED light,--NOW available in 240 Volt AC, please inquire. Other modified or custom versions available as well. Also note some of the custom features you can select above that can modify this assembly further(select those optionally priced items above). We have provided single led light versions to 5 color versions with poles, or cable between the switch unit and the light tower--let us know your needs and we will promptly quote you.

This is a GREAT price for an LED ANDON Light...with switches for manual operation, and a cord to plug in to AC power 120Vac!

  • Voltage available: 110 VAC
  • Temperature Range: Not Available
  • Listings: CE Compliant
  • Indoor Use
  • Mounting: Right angle bracket mounting for surface mounting
  • Housing Rating: IP20/NEMA 12
  • LED Life: 100,000 hours

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