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LED Flashing Light with Horn 290LFMT4
LED Flashing Light and Horn

LED Flashing Light with Horn 290LFMT4

Part Number: 290LFMT4
Your Price: $156.99


LED Flashing (fast flickering) Light with horn mounted to a cast weatherproof surface mount box--we combine our MT4 horn and the MicroLert (see these products for individual specifications) with a Cast Mounting Box to bring you this great value in an audio/visual alarm signal. Horn can produce 1 of 8 tones selected internally with a dip switch, db levels range from 87 to 99dB depending on tone selected. Heavy duty cast box. LED light has clear polycarbonate lens, and optics engineered for effectiveness, which provides a uniform 360 degree light pattern. Light produces 75 NEOBE flashes per minute - each flash containing 7 rapid bursts of light (approximately 560 ms “on-time” and240 ms “off-time”. Horn dba listed at 10'. Impact resistant polycarbonate lexan lens and base, cast box allows flat surface and 1/2” NPT internal hub pipe mounting, UL listed components. 120 VAC, or optional 12/24 Vdc version select when ordering.

A great combination audible and visual signal!

  • Voltage available: 120 VAC or 12/24 VDC version 
  • Operating Current: .100mA @120Vac
  • Temperature Range: -35C to 66C
  • Flash Rate/ Minute: 75
  • Candlepower Peak: N/A
  • Listings: U.L.
  • Mounting:1/2"" NPT Pipe or surface mount
  • LED Lamp life: 100,000hours
  • Weather resistant--indoor/outdoor use
  • Dome Guard: N/A
  • Audible Output: 87-99dBA @ 10'

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