MP4 Horn Message Player 4 Channel
Message Player 4 Channel shown with speaker options

MP4 Horn Message Player 4 Channel

Part Number: MP4-120
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The MP4-120 Message Player features 4 channels that can be used for voice with or without tones, or musical tunes (Public Domain). Either way the recordable channels are fully recordable and are stored in non-volatile re-programmable memory. Total time of recording is 8 minutes--2 minutes for each of the 4 channels. The recorded tones like horns, sirens, alarm sounds, etc., message, tune, or combination sound can be triggered with a simple normally open switch (dry contact), relay, etc.. There are also 2 embedded tones available on the player if you would rather use that option. The channels can be configured to play once or to repeat continuously. The optional #129 Wav Loader Computer Interface may be used to play .wav or other sound files from your computer's speaker output directly into the recordable message board of the MP4-120 bypassing the on-board microphone usually used for recording.


 Four Channels Configurable as: Recorded Voice, tone, or tune, Maximum record time is 8 minutes divided between the number of channels. Recordings stored in non-volatile memory, Channels accept momentary or maintained switches, "One Shot" or Continuous playback settings. Built-in condenser microphone for recording without the need for the optional wav loader computer interface (Part# 129)--and recording on your own is SIMPLE--ask for assistance..., Adjustable speaker volume--Powerful 24 watt audio amplifier, Line Level Output Jack for interconnect to an existing Paging System, Amplifier, or amplified speakers (see optional MP-AMP below). Expand your range of audible coverage by utilizing the 600 ohm balanced line output (included). This output can be used simultaneously with the supplied speaker.


The optional MP-AMP Amplified Speaker noted above can add an additional 80 Watts driving 2 of a 40W speaker to the MP4 System--A 120 Vac power source is required locally for the MP-AMP Speaker Amplifier, as well as a wire run (twisted shielded pair) from the MP4 to the MP-AMP location.

Optional tone loading by our factory--select above when ordering.

Optional .wav file loader software comes with connection cable for connection to your computer speaker output.

Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Operating Voltage:120 VAC,  high volume output of up to 112 db @10' when tones are recorded. The speaker can be remotely located up to 50 feet away from the main unit MP4 simply by adding 18AWG speaker wire (customer supplied) . 2 minutes per channel recording time. Includes: Enclosure, 120 VAC UL Recognized Power Supply, message player board, 120Vac 6' power cord.

From emergency voice alarm messages, to machine status being reported via a prerecorded message with or without tones. Custom configurations can be supplied including radio controlled triggering of the recorded messages/tones--please inquire-- This is a great solution beyond compare at this price!

  • Voltage available: 120 VAC 60Hz
  • Operating Current: 1 Amp or less @ 120 Vac
  • Temperature Range: 32-130F
  • Mounting: Surface Mount
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Amplifier: 24 Watts
  • Audible Rating: 112dB @ 10' volume adjustable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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