MS490SMT4 Motion Activated Strobe Horn
Motion Activated Strobe Horn

MS490SMT4 Motion Activated Strobe Horn

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The MS490SMT4 is a motion sensing audible and visual alarm. It combines our popular 490SMT4 with a motion sensor. This model requires a 120 Volt AC power source, and is intended to be mounted using the 1/2" threaded opening in the back of the unit. The motion sensor detects motion in a 110 degree field at approximately 40 feet. A photo eye allows the device to operate only during the dark/evening hours, unless you desire the device to operate at all times and then you are setting the motion sensor to the "Test" position and it operates with motion during all hours. Under the "test" setting there is no option for duration of alarm after motion is detected--it will operate until no motion is detected. In the dark only operation (select, 1, 3, or 5), you can select 1, 3 or 5 minute operation after motion is detected. The unit can be connected to a typical light switch for manual activation as well, but at initial power "ON" the device will operate until for a short time until it moves to motion sensing (approx 20 sec).

A great combination audible and visual signal with Motion Sensing!

  • Voltage available: 120 VAC
  • Operating Current: 120mA @120Vac
  • Temperature Range: -35C to 66C
  • Flash Rate/ Minute: 60-80
  • Candlepower Peak: 1.75 joule energy flash
  • Listings: U.L.
  • Mounting:1/2" Pipe thread or surface mount
  • Flash tube life: Several thousand hours, and is replaceable
  • Weather resistant-Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Dome Guard: N/A
  • Audible Output: 87-99dBA @ 10'



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