Radio Wireless Switch Control
Radio Wireless Switch Control

Radio Wireless Switch Control

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The RX6 and TX6 radio boards are the building blocks for highly reliable wireless control in industrial applications. We have Priced a package here which includes: a transmitter and receiver board installed in NEMA 4X ABS enclosures, antennas, 6 dry contact input and 6 dry contact output for typical switching applications (switches not included), 120 Volt AC operating voltage. These wireless components were designed for typical andon, lean manufacturing, and wireless control applications brought to us by our customers over the past 10 years. We have incorporated numerous desired features into our control boards, including: long range (approx 1000 feet indoors--free field, and 2000 feet or more outdoors--free field--greater distances are achievable with optional high gain antennas), license free 900Mhz operation, 120 Volt AC power input--(no AC to DC conversion or power supplies needed--optional input voltages are available--please inquire), small antenna footprint mounted on top of the enclosure, Master to slave(s)operation--with numerous formats, a compact board design with a small footprint, manufacturer configurable microprocessor to address varying application needs, Priced here with a rugged NEMA 4X ABS enclosure. This is a cost effective solution when hard wiring is not feasible or practical. We offer a number of other configurations using the radio board components, that may include manual switches for activation, may control pre-assembled remote andon light towers with the radio housed in the light base enclosure, control devices like audible horns or prerecorded message players, or high intensity strobe lights, or combinations of devices. Please inquire about solutions we can provide for your specific application needs for wireless control.

A Great economical wireless solution or building block to varied control applications!

    Made in Canada

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