SSPT724A Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop Work
Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop Work

SSPT724A Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop Work

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This Electronic Start/Stop Work timer comes fully assembled in an ABS Plastic enclosure, with a 6 foot AC power cord to plug into an existing receptacle. Timer has numerous features, and allows for programming of up to 50 events. Add a horn or multiple horns from our options above, and you have everything you need to set up a start / stop work, lunch break horn in your plant or facility (customer required to supply interconnecting power wire, electrical boxes, etc. that may be needed for installation/connection of the horns to the timer box). The timer can be programmed for a number of events (up to 50) each day to turn the horn on and then off. The internal contact (switch) can be programmed from 1 to 15 seconds in duration (amount of time the horn will remain on). In a typical application, your horn (or horns) will be switched by the electronic timer at the predetermined "event" time, and sound the horn for 1 to 15 seconds depending on how it was programmed. This is ideal for break times, and lunch periods throughout the day. This system can have horns added to it as may be required to cover larger areas or noisy environments. Additional horns can be added by simply daisy chaining--continuing the 120 Volt AC power run from the existing horns you had installed. Additional horns can be purchased from the Audible Signals Category under the "HORN" product page, (i.e. Product Code MT4-115-S or GPH3SEAC230G or the 350-120-30, etc., or see Related Accessories below). 120 volt AC input to the timer is accomplished with the included 6 foot AC power cord, or by the customer hard wiring the AC power input. Please contact us if other audible devices are desired instead of the standard Vibrating and Electronic Horns discussed here. This system will improve the timely dismissal of employees as well as their return to work. The horns noted here are rated from 99 to 100db@10 feet, the MT4 mounts on a standard 4 inch electrical box (or optional WBB-S for outdoors), as does the 350 (or optional WB for outdoors), and the GPH3 has a weatherproof enclosure for outdoor use. The MT4 Electronic Horn allows you to choose 1 of 8 sounds for use in your dismissal system, and are rated at up to 99db@10 feet. More details on these horns and sound files can be found on the specific horn's product page (see category Audible Signals and then Horns). The Optional Manual Test Button, selected when ordering below, can be used to confirm horn operation, or may be used to sound the horns, by holding the button, in the event of some other communication need.  Please contact us if you require additional information.

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