SSPT724MP Timer Lunch Break Start Stop Work, with Recordable Tone/Message
Timer Lunch Break Start Stop work, with Recordable Tone/Message Player

SSPT724MP Timer Lunch Break Start Stop Work, with Recordable Tone/Message

Part Number: SSPT724MP
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This Version of our popular Electronic Start/Stop Work timer comes fully assembled in an ABS Plastic enclosure, with a 6 foot AC power cord to plug into an existing receptacle. Timer has numerous features, and allows for programming of up to 50 events, like Start work, Break Time, Lunch Time, Return Time, End Work, etc. This version also includes the audible portion that will allow you the ability to easily record a specific tone sound you would like to use for your Alerts, and allows you to include your voice message as well because it allows you to record using the on-board microphone. This model will provide up to 112db measured at 10 feet (full volume adjustment) when using a tone sound. The speaker is included and can be mounted close to the timer, or remotely located up to 50 feet away using customer supplied speaker wire. Additionally, the included message player board allows for 3 other channels to be recorded and may be used for other signaling needs, such as door bell, or other warning needs by simply adding a customer supplied normally open dry contact closure/switch and wiring the switch back to the timer enclosure. If you select the 3 switch option when ordering, we will install and wire the 3 switches to control the channels not used by the timer. These other sounds will utilize the same speaker. This system can be expanded using our MP-AMP-10, 10 Watt Amplified Speaker (sold separately). This model is intended for smaller facilities with moderate to high noise where a custom sound is needed, other messages and tones are desired, and when high voltage power wiring to traditional horns is not necessarily feasible. Depending on your needs, this model may have everything you need to set up a start / stop work, lunch break horn in your plant or facility. In a typical application, your tone/message will be switched by the electronic timer at the predetermined "event" time, and sound the alert. This system will improve the timely dismissal of employees as well as their return to work. Please contact us if more information is required.

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