ST1 Strobe Light Smooth Exterior Dome ST1
Strobe Light Smooth Exterior Dome

ST1 Strobe Light Smooth Exterior Dome ST1

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The ST1 Series strobes are Medium-duty, larger-sized warning beacons which features a smooth exterior dome to keep dust and dirt accumulation from interfering with the flash intensity. The smooth outer dome is shatter resistant and features internal optics for maximum strobe light dispersion. The Xenon flash tube assembly is vibration resistant, and easily replaced. The rugged base adds to the durability of this strobe. Surface mount or 1/2" conduit compression fitting pipe mount. The base attaches to the dome via a retaining band for ease of maintenance. ST1 is available in all five safety colors (red, amber, green, clear, or blue). Size and rugged construction make the ST1 strobe beacon the ideal choice for emergency warning or signaling applications. 9 1/2"" H x 8 1/2"" Diameter. Indoor or outdoor use (dome up).

The ST1 has a low current draw, which makes this a great choice when current draw is a concern...Great attention getter in all environments!

  • Voltage available: 120 VAC or 12-48 VDC 
  • Operating Current: .04A @ 120VAC, 350mA @ 12VDC
  • Temperature Range: Not Available
  • Flash Rate/ Minute: 70-80
  • Mounting: Surface, or 1/2" conduit compression fitting
  • Weather Resistant
  • Flash Intensity: 3.6 joules

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