Strobe Medium Intensity MS2
Strobe 3.6 Joule Flash 120 Vac

Strobe Medium Intensity MS2

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The MS2 Strobe light is an economical strobe light that has medium intensity flash for greater visual effectiveness compared to our some of our lower cost options. The unit flashes at a rate of 70-80 flashes per minute, and has a 3.6 joule flash energy output. It's compact size makes it ideal for many applications. The dimensions are 6.5" tall by 5.5" in diameter. The colored dome (available in red, amber, green, blue or clear--select when ordering) is removable for relamping and is weather proof when mounted with the dome up. Mounting is 1/2" NPT pipe mount using the threaded pipe hub. Current draw is 40mA at 120 Volt AC.

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