Strobe MicroStrobe DC Micro IV 470S, 490S, 495S
MicroStrobe DC Voltages Micro IV (Models 470S, 490S, 495S)

Strobe MicroStrobe DC Micro IV 470S, 490S, 495S

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MICROSTROBE family of strobe lights also known as the Micro IV ( 470S, 470SMB, 485S, 490S, 495S) are a low profile, single flash, low cost strobe light which features a plug-in replaceable strobe tube and Lexan lens. The high efficiency, solid state, power supply is fully potted in polyurethane for the ultimate in protection from moisture and vibration. Indoor or Outdoor Use-NEMA 4X. All units are polarity protected and have built-in filters to protect against radio interference and spike voltages. THIS UNIT WILL OPERATE at 16-24 Volts AC also...

Economical strobe light for indoor or outdoor applications--GREAT Price, and 2 year warranty-1 year on lamp!

  • Voltage available:12-80 VDC (range 6-80 VDC and 16-24 VAC also)
  • Current: 40mA average at 12 VDC
  • Temperature Range: -40 degrees C to 65 degrees C
  • Mounting: Choose--Surface mount, 1/2" Female Pipe Mount, Magnetic Mount, 1/2" Male Pipe Thread and lock nut.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use NEMA 4X
  • Flashes Per Minute: 60-80
  • Strobe: 1.75 joules (50 ECP)
Dimensions: Height: 5", Diameter: 3".

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