Strobe Stackable Andon 440
Strobe Stackable Andon

Strobe Stackable Andon 440

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The 440 Stackable Strobe (Priced above for the 1 color version-less mounting options--add additional modules to build your stack Above) features multi-color signaling using strobes in any combination using the 5 available module colors.  Strobe lamps are gas (xenon) discharge lamps which have no filament to wear out or break. All modules operate over a worldwide AC input voltage range of 85 to 264VAC 50/60 Hz. They all use the same type of lamp and maintain a constant brightness and flash rate over the entire voltage range. The strobe flash produced by these lights add additional effectiveness in applications where a standard incandescent lamp fixture (MT5C andon light), or a LED fixture (PREF andon light) may be inadequate. However, these strobes are not overly intense in brightness, these would not be effective outdoors for many applications. Please let us know if we can help with your application questions. 85 to 264VAC 50/60 Hz, 0.06 A average (7 watts per module). 60 to 80 FPM, Joule Flash Energy:1.5, Diameter: 3.32 (84mm)

Height: (including base and stand)

 7.7 (196mm) ( 1 module )
10.0 (254mm) (2 modules )
12.3 (312mm) ( 3 modules )
14.6 (371mm) (4 modules )
16.9 (429mm) ( 5 modules )

Optional Mounting Components:

440-Stand 3 1/2 inch tall tulip base mount

MAM-DS25 right angle bracket with wire cavity for use with 440-Stand above

440-T16 16 inch extension pole for use with stand above

440-T32 32 inch extension pole for use with stand above

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