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Strobe and Buzzer Battery Operated
Strobe and Buzzer Battery Operated

Strobe and Buzzer Battery Operated

Part Number: 7402BZ
Your Price: $145.00


Model 7402BZ Portable battery operated Strobe with Whoop buzzer is a single flash 3.8 Joule unit drawing .48 amps, the piezo whoop siren is approx. 90dB at 3 feet, uses two 6 VDC spring terminal lantern batteries (not included),
and a heavy magnetic base, external switch controls the strobe and buzzer--switching both simultaneously, please specify lens color below when ordering.

Optional "D" size battery holders can be selected above to allow for the use of customer supplied "D" size batteries instead of lantern batteries--8 of the "D" size batteries are required and extend the duty time of the light significantly. Overall dimensions are: 9 3/4" tall by 7 1/4" wide by 4" in diameter.

What a GREAT Product! Use it indoors for caution light, or to mark hazards, or use it outdoors for construction, hazards,etc! Attention getting flash! Loud whoop siren sound

  • Voltage available: 12 VDC (2 of a 6VDC Lantern Battery not included, or optional "D" size holders for customer supplied batteries) 
  • Operating Current: .48A
  • Temperature Range: Not Available
  • Indoor /Outdoor Use
  • Listings: None

  • A word about application:

    Battery powered lights like these, because of their moderate effective light output, the purpose of which is to extend the life of the batteries, don't lend themselves to use in bright ambient light areas, or where outdoor sunlight would be a factor.  Ideally, these lights are to be used mounted at heights ranging from ground level to 8 feet above ground. This height would allow them to be seen for people looking toward the light from distances of 10 feet to hundreds of feet away--again depending heavily on how well lit the area is with overhead lighting if indoors, etc.  The best mounting height for visibility is at eye level--on the same horizontal plane-4.5 to 5.5 feet or so. The greatest achieved brightness of the light produced by the signal is viewed at the light's lens "center" on axis--or the same horizontal plane in this case. Although some flashing "incandescent or LED bulb" lights are similarly designed utilizing a fresnel lens to distribute the light produced, their light output differs from a strobe "burst" of light in that a "flashing Incandescent or LED bulb" device does not emit a semi-hemispherical burst of light like a strobe light does.  In other words, a strobe light would be more effective if your application requires a greater level of effectiveness. Please contact us for any assistance you may require in choosing the correct signal.

    Good, Better, Best Rating:  Best

  • Indoor /Outdoor Use
  • Candela: 200

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