VS110 Siren Motor Driven
Siren Motor Driven

VS110 Siren Motor Driven

Part Number: VS-110
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The siren sound produced by an electro-mechanical siren is unique in the signaling of emergencies, and is suitable for municipal and industrial uses by providing a loud piercing clear sound, 110 VAC, and now 12 VDC (select when ordering), FEATURES: Low Cost, Compact and Lightweight, High dB level 101 dB @ 10', Corrosion Resistant, 6-1/2" Height x 7" Long x 5 1/2" Wide. Bracket Mount, 8-10A start current, and 2-3A run current @ 110 VAC. 20-25A start current, and 4-6A run current @ 12 VDC, 60 second continuous use capability with a 20 second off cycle required.

A siren that is a great value.

  • Voltage available: 110 VAC, and 12 volt DC (select when ordering) 
  • Operating Current: 3A@ 110Vac
  • Temperature Range: Not Available
  • Listings: None
  • Mounting: bracket mount on flat surface
  • Indoor Use
  • Audible Output: 101 dB @10'

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